A Complete Guide for Nigerian Students to Study in the UK

How to get UK student Visa to study in UK from Nigeria is one of the most asked questions by Nigerian graduates who wish to further their education outside the country. The United Kingdom is a hub of world-recognized universities, diverse cultures & languages, and highly skilled professionals.

nigerian students in UK

In this post we will be discussing the following

  • Why Study In UK
  • About UK
  • Top Universities in UK
  • Admission Criteria
  • How to Get Student Visa to Study in UK
  • Student Accommodation in the UK

Why Study in UK

The U.K. has a long, stored tradition in excellent higher education. Considering about a quarter of bachelor’s degree awarded at U.K. universities are among the most reputed and highest ranking in the world, the United Kingdom manages to attract nearly half a million of international students each year and for a bright Nigerian student with ambition to make a mark in the world and in espoused profession, an environment beaming with intellectuals from all over the world, with incredible facilities and outstanding lecturers is great place to start.

Also, the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are shorter than in other countries, which helps keep the tuition fees and cost of living down and UK provide international students with financial help with tuition fees, scholarships, and other additional assistance like the avenue to work to make money while studying. International students are permitted to work twenty hours weekly during term time and full-time during holidays

About UK

The UK is short for The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It was formed by the union of four nations (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales), hence the United Kingdom. The UK is part of Europe and is known for its open and inclusive way of life, ancient traditions, stunning landscapes, splendid nightlife, and unmatched international cultural scene.

Top Universities in UK

As stated in the QS World University Rankings 2022, here are the top 5 Universities in the UK that Nigerian students can take admission to.

  • University of Oxford(Oxford, United Kingdom)
  • University of Cambridge (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Imperial College London (London, United Kingdom)
  • UCL (London, United Kingdom)
  • The University of Edinburgh ( Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

Admission Criteria

Knowing the admission requirements is the first crucial step towards ensuring a smooth transition into your university life. These 3 steps are very important because they will define the purpose you are going abroad.

  1. Find a School and a Course
  2.  Prepare and submit your application
  3. Pay attention to Eligibility

1. Find a School and a Course

You will need to find a school and the course you want to study. One of the important thing about studying in the UK is that you will find a school where you want to apply for and also be sure your course is also available in the school. Course entry requirements can vary depending on the university and degree you choose. The information below is only a guide so be sure to check the entry requirements for your favorite courses.

Undergraduate Studies Requirements To Study In UK

London Universities accept the Senior School Certificate (SSCE) or West African Senior School Certificate (WAEC) or the NECO with a minimum of 5 subjects at grade B or C PLUS a recognised University foundation course.

One year of undergraduate studies at a recognised Nigerian University with an average CGPA of approximately 3.5 out of 5 will also be accepted.

You will be required to successfully complete the SSCE/WAEC with a Grade B or C in at least 5 subjects to qualify for the International Foundation Programme.

Post Graduate Studies Requirement To Study In UK

You will normally be required to have an Upper Second Class Bachelor’s degree (UK 2:1 degree) with an average CGPA of 3.5 out of 5 or above from a recognised Nigerian university.

Some courses may also accept a Lower Second Class Bachelor degree (UK 2:2 degree). Some universities may also require you to have already undertaken some postgraduate level study.

When you find a school, you will find their requirements in their terms. It’s always very accessible.

2. Prepare and Submit your Application

The application process differs for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. So please pay attention to this information below.

If you wish to apply for an undergraduate degree, you will need to submit your undergraduate application via UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).

If you wish to apply for a postgraduate degree, you will need to apply directly to the University of your choice via their own online application system. Contact your chosen university to find out more.

Know their entry requirements and deadline and prepare for tests (these can include IELTS English proficiency test, scholarship exams, etc), write a statement of purpose, request reference

3. Pay attention to Eligibility

Check if you are eligible for a UK student visa before you even start at all.

Individuals that are eligible to apply for this type of UK Study visa are:

1. A Nigerian with a complete passport document,
2. Provisional admission offered by a UK school or university, this can be represented with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number (CAS),
3. Evidence of financial support for the course and yourself.

This mean that people who will be accepted are those who have enough money to cover their course fees and costs of living or those whose parents or guardian can sponsor through their schooling and living in the UK.

How to Get Student Visa to Study in UK

These are the proven steps to secure travel to the UK as a Nigerian Student

Get a Nigerian Passport

Visit the Nigerian Immigration office in your state and register for international passport

 Apply for Visa

  • Visa appointment procedure
  • Visa application filling procedures
  • Passport submission and collection
  • Wait for visa processing and approval
  • Book a flight

UK Visa Application Centers In Nigeria

Teleperformance Contact Processing Services Ltd

First floor, Churchgate Tower II
Plot PC31, Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Teleperformance Contact Processing Services Ltd

5th & 6th Floors, Etiebets place,
21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
Ikeja, Lagos

Teleperformance Contact Processing Services Ltd

3rd Floor, Yakub Plaza,
Plot 1129, Zakariya Maimalari Street, Opposite War College,
Central Business Area, Abuja

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