Free Money Everywhere, Is Education A Scam?

Have you heard of the saying education is a scam?
You probably have heard it once, twice, or a thousand times.
Anybody who calls education a scam must have his/ her reason for saying so, everybody has the right to think the way they want.
An illiterate who made it in life even though he/ she is not educated might say education is a scam but what assurance do you have that you’ll also succeed without education, a successful illiterate who says education is a scam is just deceiving you
He knows that with the education his success might have been achieved effortlessly but he doesn’t want to admit it.

A reasonable person will not tell you education is a scam.
More than 50% of Nigerians are educated and you are still there believing that education is a scam, be wise my friend
Education might not be that important in the olden days but not in this century where technology has taken over.
Technology has made things easier for all but you need education to know the benefits of technology.
A random illiterate who can’t read or write will find it difficult to operate an Android phone or a computer.
The way an educated person will set up his/ her business firm will be different from the way an uneducated person will.
Education also plays a vital role in creating job opportunities, especially white-collar jobs
You need to be educated to a certain stage before you can get a white-collar job not only in Nigeria but all over the world so automatically education paves way for international job opportunities.
People should stop misleading the young ones by telling them education is a scam instead, they should encourage them and enlighten them by telling them the amazing benefits of education.

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